Int Glam is a go-to site for creatives who would love to improve they’re lifestyle, looks, or learn more about traveling and how to enjoy life in positive ways that’ll surely show changes.

As The founder of International Glam I am  a young lady named Francesmarie Khan currently 16 years old!   Now I know what you’re thinking ” how could a 16 yr old know anything about travel or life its self?!”   Well living in the suburbs of such a big city like Houston,Tx  has taught and given me the experiences of my life! Especially coming from such cultural backgrounds being half Pakistani (father) and half mexican (mother) .

My goals hoped to reach through this site is to give people the experience of travel in the comfort of their very own home in the way of not only providing positive encouragements, guidance and opinions in the society we live in today but also from all over the world. Along with many many DIYs, tutorials videos, make-up tip, fashion statements and advice that I pick up from my world travels. The more and more my site progresses the more you’ll learn and get to try/experience your self in the most economical way possible. They’ll be home remidies provided from the smallest towns of Mexico or fashion advice from the top chart designers from Paris,France it’s self !!!

So buckle up and enjoy the ride as we travel through the wonders of this amazing world ! All within the click of a mouse

Please like, share, retweet, double tap, and comment I want to learn more about you guys and what YOU! want to read about. Thank you – Francesmarie Khan


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